Find the right evidence and vote for the killer

During the wee hours of the night, the light still shines brightly in the penthouse hotel. A private party filled with energy has turned sour by the sound of terror… a body is found dead in the room at the end of the hall way. fear has triggered the guests, everyone is now vigilant…

Find evidence and vote for the murderer. Making a wrong decision can put the lives of an innocent in danger







Game splits into 2 phases.

1. Killing Phase – where the killer will chose one victim to kill. When the victim die, they will choose one dying message that link to killer.

2. Interrogation Phase – everyone will talk and vote for the one who they want to eliminate.

Character Cards

There are 35 character cards in the game.

Evidence Cards

There are total of 80 evidence cards (2 sided so 160 pictures)

Each character has different ability

Jarvis the husky

Cilivian team

During the killing phase, he may protect one player by cover his hand. The killer cannot kill the protected player.

Jarvis absolutely has no idea who he protected. The protected also not 100% sure who is the real Jarvis.

Master Mind

Killer Team

During the killing phase, the victim choose the real dying message. Master Mind will open her eye and look at the real dying message.

She will not know who is the real killer for sure but her incentive is to help the killer win the game.