Pick Me




Once upon a time, there was an animal school in a far away land. Every morning, these students ran into a line to get into their classroom. One day, panda, snail, turtles, and sloth were very late to their classroom, so they raced each other to go into the right line before anyone else. Who was the first one to get into the right line?

Set up
Place all 4 animal tokens to form a square where everyone can reach. Then shuffle the cards well and form a face-down pile in the centre of those tokens.

Playing Game
Starting with the youngest player, open the card and put into the middle of the items. When the scoring is solved, play continue to next player in a clock-wise direction.

Objective of the game
The player who chooses the correct animal will get 1 point each. If a player mis chooses it, that player will get -2 points per each. Players cannot have negative point therefore the lowest point is 0. Whoever gets the 15 points first, will win the game. If there is a tied, all players continue playing until one of the players achieve highest score alone.


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