Detective Conan: Suspect Criminal สัญญาณปริศนา


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Detective Conan: Suspect Criminal เกมสัญญาณปริศนา

It is a real-time party game that uses signaling, bluffing, and deduction.

In a mystery old castle, it was suppose to be a vacation but a murder happen.

The objective of the police is to find the killer before the killer eliminates all of the civilians.

The killer’s intention is to eliminate innocent civilians by means of a secret signal. The killer has less than five minutes to secretly signal their murder target without revealing themselves to the police. If the killer’s murder attempt is successful, they will need to wait for at least 10 seconds before making another attempt. In the meantime, the killer is also trying to confuse the police into capturing the wrong player.

Civilian roles make the game more complex and interesting. The Journalist, for example, is an innocent civilian with the ability to expose other player’s characters.

The game includes 30 characters with 10 unique roles. Each roles has a different agenda. Various characters can help the police or the killer or even themselves to win the game.

This game is easy to play, and can be played anywhere–in a small circle of friends or with family or as a team-building exercise.


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