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We love designing and developing games and services, with a focus on Asia game market. You can find our product in these fairs.

Spiel Essen

The world largest public fair for board games. Over 147,000 visitors from over 100 nations.

Tabletop & Hobbies Thailand

Tabletop & Hobbies Thailand is one of the biggest board game event in Bangkok, Thailand.

Tokyo Game Market

One of the biggest analog game event in Tokyo, Japan. Total of 16,000 attendee.

Asian Board Game Festival (ABGF)

One of the biggest board game festival in Singapore with 22 publishers from 11 countries from Asia and North America

My recent projects

Dying Message

Party Game / 4-30 Players

During the wee hours of the night, the light still shines brightly in the penthouse hotel. A private party filled with energy has turned sour by the sound of terror… a body is found dead in the room at the end of the hall way. fear has triggered the guests, everyone is now vigilant…

Find evidence and vote for the murderer. Making a wrong decision can put the lives of an innocent in danger.

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Party Game / 4-8 Players

The new virus outbreak destroy most of the civilization. The laboratory all around the world has been destroyed except the one in the Nowhere town. This laboratory is about to find the vaccine to cure the virus. However, one of the scientists has been controlled by the virus. Will the vaccine be discovered first?

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Other Products

Pick Me

Once upon a time, there was an animal school in a far away land. Every morning, these students ran into a line to get into their classroom. One day, panda, snail, turtles, and sloth were very late to their classroom, so they raced each other to go into the right line before anyone else. Who was the first one to get into the right line?

Kid game
2-6 Players

Coffee Shop

In the game Coffee Shop, the players have opened coffee shops right next to each other in the financial district and are competing to serve the same market.

Players draft ingredient cards and then customer cards. Each round ends with a trading phase where players can trade money and ingredient cards with each other.

Each of the drafts also has an auction element. While the active player chooses which ingredient they want from a face-up pool, the other players may bid higher and take it in an open turnless auction.

The customer draft works similarly, but with decreasing prices as the coffee shops lower their prices to attract the customers.

The game ends once a player has reached 10 or more points of customers. Additional points can be earned by specializing in certain drinks, as well as cash on hand. The player with the most points wins.

Strategy Game
4-6 Players

Serial Killer

In Victorian era, surrounded by crime and suspicion, the citizens and police must find and arrest the killers before blood of the innocents are spread everywhere in the city.

When the game begins, the Serial Killer can “kill” other people by secretly sending the signal (eg. touching, nudging, winking etc.) And whenever a player receives the signal, He/She must die and be eliminated. However, If a Police is eliminated, It’s time to find the Serial Killer(s)! the remaining players must discuss and vote for elimination. The Citizen team wins when all Serial Killers are eliminated. In contrast, the Criminal team wins when the number of Serial Killer(s) equals to half of the remaining players, or all Police and Detectives are eliminated.

Party Game
4-50 Players

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    Wise box is a board game publisher in Thailand. We believe that board game is not just a game. It enhances the players’ skills and learning ability. Therefore, we will try our best to increase the quality of the games that we produce and ensure that all games still fun every time you play it.…

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