Why me ?

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Why me ? 

Get rid of your friends and be the only one to survive this chaos and madness. Everyone want to kill you. You can make a temporary alliance and enemy. Players will walk around the map and pushing each other toward the end.

Players take turn by drawing a card and choose from what they have to gain the advantage on the field such as pushing other player to go forward or backward, destroying their cards, swaping the whole places, or even destroying all the places just to make sure you will win the game. All effects can be bound,reflect, spread, change, or canceled. Therefore, you must be very careful which one to use against who.

During other’s player turn, some cards can be very useful to counter the attack or protect yourself against madness. If you get killed by other player, you are not out of the game yet. Instead, you will become ghost and take the revenge back. If you sucess, you will be reborn and have a chance to win the game again.

There are more than twenty trillion possiblities of map that you can try. 

 How to play  ( There is no text in the card. Only simple symbolic icons)

On active player turn

1. Draw a card

2. Play exactly one card

    2.1 Solve the effect of the card first

    2.2 If a player land on any ghost trap, solve its first from top. Then solve the land’s ability. 

3. Active player discard a card to 7 cards

4. Wait for counter attack (if you have any)

The game will not end if there are 2 or more players in the game. It can only be one winner or none.

This game is on kickstarter now for more information please click: Why me