Serial killer

Serial Killer is a real time party game that use signalling, bluffing and deduction.

It simulates the situation where most of the people are assigned as innocent civilian in a city with undercover killer and police. The objective of the police is to find the killer before the killer eliminate all of the civilian. The killer intention is to eliminate the innocent civilian by sending a signal or try to make police confuse and capture the wrong killer. Killer will have less than 5 minute to secretly signal the target without letting the police know and if she/he success, he/she will need to wait for 10 second interval.

Other roles also make the game become more complex or speed up the game such as Journalist who is the innocent civilian with the ability to expose other player’s character.

There are 30 characters with 10 unique roles. Each roles has different agenda. Other characters will either help police or killer or even help themselves to win the game.

This game can be play anywhere or even in small circle with friends or family or as team building exercise and it is easy to play too.

BGG Rating: 7.9

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