About us

Company History

Wise Box was founded in 2015 by one of the board gamer who see the potential of board game. Board game is like a simulation that improve players’ skills as well as real social interaction during the course of the game. Different games sharp difference skills. 


Wise Box has published many Thai board games include educational games, team building games, commercial games such as Pick me, V-virus, Serial Killer, Coffee shop and Why me.  We also provided print-and-play game for free as well. We designed game for both private and public sector. For more information, please contact info@wiseboxgames.com


From time to time, we joined and visited some board game event around the world. 

2017, Game Toy Lover in Bangkok, Thailand

2018, Speil’ 18 in Essen, Germany

2018, Bangkok Tabletop game week 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand

2019, Gencon’19 in Indianapolis, USA

2019, Thailand tabletop game & Toy convention, Bangkok, Thailand

2019, Taiwan Original Board Game Expo in Taipei, Taiwan

2019, GameStart 2019 in Singapore

Future events (expected)

2019, Bangkok tabletop game week, Thailand

2019, Bangkok Hobby Fest 2019

2020, Game Market in Tokyo, Japan

2020,Taipei Game Show, Taiwan

2020, Book Fair in Bangkok, Thailand

2020, Spiel’20 in Essen, Germany

and more to come